3 Ways to Enhance the Efficiency of Your Fridge and Freezer too

When the winter knocks the door, you may have to seek many ways to save money and energy without compromising the comforts. But many don’t seek the ways to do the same by enhancing the efficiency of their fridge, and the extra freezer as well. As these are the most essential elements, they consume a significant amount of energy as well. If your fridge is more than 15 years old, then consider upgrading it to be energy efficient. Old ones tend to consume a lot of energy and hence you must upgrade to an Energy Star certified appliance. It may cost you much in the beginning, but you will save a lot.

And if you have a fridge that is bought recently from https://www.meselectros.com/categorie-produit/refrigerateurs/, you can still practice energy efficiency by paying heed to the following tips.

  1. Shield your fridge from heat sources

To keep your food cool at an ideal temperature, the compressor stresses itself when it is placed near the sources of heat. Apart from stressing your fridge, it wastes a lot of energy and shortens its lifespan as well. When it comes to designing your kitchen, always keep your fridge from the heat sources. It is also advisable to keep it away from direct exposure of sunlight for long periods of time to avoid it from stressing the machine so much.

  1. Get the rubber seal of your door replaced

This plastic lining ensures that your appliance is working with efficiency, but many people tend to overlook this. This is also referred to as gasket and it tends to lose some of its suction as the doors are opened and closed consistently over time. If your fridge has been working efficiently for years, know that the gasket can weaker after a few years of use. If this is valid, then the unit may stress even more to keep the food chilled, in other words, higher energy bills and shorter lifespan of the fridge.

  1. Cool over the leftovers

Looking after the tiniest details can also help in saving a lot of money on your next utility bill. By letting your leftovers cool down after a meal, you are using less heat to the interior of your unit. You also need to store your food properly by protective wrapping or Tupperware before placing the dish in the fridge because it avoids any residual heat from escaping into your unit. Always be careful to not let your food sit out for cooling for a longer time as it may spoil.

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