5 Ways To Appeal To The Modern Housing Market

When selling a property, it is important to consider the preferences of a modern housing market. In the past five years, preferences for properties have changed considerably, with much of which was once popular now being outdated.

Part of this sudden and significant buckle in trends comes from the impact of COVID. The significant cultural shift that followed the pandemic simply cannot be ignored and is still impacting property design. Additionally, there is now a new generation of homeowners entering the market and they are bringing new ideas along with them.

Reduce Ongoing Costs

One of the most affecting circumstances facing modern homeowners is the rising cost of living. As it becomes increasingly expensive to heat a home and keep cupboards filled, residents are looking to ensure that their ongoing costs are minimised.

Within a property, this can be supported by the reduction of utility bills. Insulated homes, for example, require less heating and are, as a result, cheaper to run all year round. Those with larger and more numerous windows tend to welcome greater amounts of natural light, reducing the reliance on artificial light too.

Make It Sustainable

Carbon footprints are on the minds of many and the home is a great place to begin tackling one’s own impact on the environment. Homes that have a greater potential for sustainability and positive environmental impact are overall more attractive to modern buyers, which is why assets like water butts and solar panels are in great demand.

Consider adding other features, too, such as furniture and decor made from upcycled or natural materials, as these will make a more positive impression on buyers.

Create Office Space

With a growing culture of remote working, individuals are seeking home office space. Rooms that were once marketed as second bedrooms are now being referred to as professional spaces, demonstrating a shift in preference.

Those without the option to offer home offices inside a property should consider the solution of establishing one in a garden instead, with log cabins and other such outbuildings being a fantastic way to extend living space within a property.

Modular Designs

Static living spaces are less popular than modular alternatives. With the development of more space-efficient and adaptable furniture, living spaces of all sizes can be transformed into something even better. Modular design also enables residents to use a room for one purpose and then, when needed, adapt the furniture and layout into something entirely different, making it very attractive for those who need more utility from their living space.

Colourful Exterior

Drawing from a sense of romanticised community, colourful facades have become a signifier of a positive neighbourhood. Painting a home’s exterior a bold and brilliant colour makes it more appealing to buyers, especially if neighbouring properties are similarly expressive in their exteriors and have contrasting colour schemes too. Just be sure to consider the colour you choose because, while bright colours can be a lot of fun, they can illuminate those across the street with different glows, making them somewhat problematic!

Rhys George

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