7 Signs Your Tree is About to Fall (Emergency Tree Service Options)

Trees are beautiful and provide a safe spot for birds and other small animals to take care of and raise their young. However, as wonderful as they are, there’s always a risk one will fall without warning. The good news is there are usually signs that indicate it could be ready to snap or become uprooted soon.

Not many people know how to tell if their tree is dead or dying, but there are several indications that the tree is getting ready to fall, and they’re simple. All you have to do is look for them.

If the issue continues too long, it could fall on your house or even injure a family member. If either of these occurs, you’ll be responsible for any repairs and hospital bills if someone does get hurt.

If you see any of the seven signs below, it’s crucial to call an emergency tree service. Trees are complex, and it’s impossible to tell precisely when they will fall. But a tree service can help you keep the trimmed to make it structurally sound, or they can remove the tree for you before an emergency occurs. This information is presented by our team who provides tree removal in Cincinnati.

What Causes Trees To Fall Down?

You probably already know one of the main reasons trees fall is due to high winds, heavy rain, ice and snow on the branches, and other extreme weather. A few other things will cause your tree to fall, such as.

  • Root rot
  • Damaged roots
  • Shallow roots,
  • Unestablished root systems
  • Age
  • Pests living on the tree

Warning Signs Your Tree May Fall

1.    Peeling or missing bark

The next time you go outside, take a minute to look at the trunk of your tree. If you notice spots where the bark is peeling or bare in some areas, it’s a sign your tree isn’t getting enough nutrients. The good news is if you call an emergency tree service to look at it, there may be a chance you can save it.

2.    Falling branches

If you see dead or fallen branches, there’s a chance your tree may fall. Dead branches are an indication that the tree is self-pruning and isn’t receiving enough nutrients to support itself. Healthy trees have twigs that are flexible and move with the tree. If you see branches on the ground around your tree, you need to call an emergency tree service to do an inspection.

3.    Cracks or holes in the trunk

Deep cracks and holes in the trunk of your tree may be a sign that your tree is dying. The cracks and holes in your tree make it weaker, making it harder for the tree to remain stable. Unstable trees are more likely to fall during extreme weather. If your tree has deep holes or cracks, you should call a tree service to look at it.

4.    Pests are living in the tree

Many different types of pests love living in trees, and beetles, ants, and termites are just a few that can kill a tree. If you catch it early enough, you may still be able to save your tree. But if the tree’s stability is in question, it’ll probably be better to have an emergency tree service come out and remove it.

5.    You can see rot or fungus on the tree

Fungi enter the tree through areas that are rotten or wounded cavities. Once it gets in, it starts reproducing quickly. Some signs of fungus are yellow and browning leaves, slow growth, and armillaria root rot. If you see any of these signs, you want to act quickly to get rid of them. However, if it’s too far gone, have a tree service company come out and remove it.

6.    A tree that’s Leaning

A leaning tree is different from a tree growing at an angle. If you see one that used to be straight but is not leaning, it’s a sign that the roots are dead, dying, or damaged. It’s even more concerning if a strong storm caused the tree to lean. If you have a leaning tree, you need to call an emergency tree service to have it removed.

7.    No or few leaves on the tree

Looking at your leaves is one of the easiest ways to tell if your tree is dying. If there are only a few leaves or no leaves on the branches, you know there’s something wrong. Trees should have an abundance of leaves during the growing season. Deformed or dropping leaves may also indicate that your tree has an issue.

Can The Tree Be Saved?

The first thing you need to do to try to save your tree is to call an emergency tree service to make sure it’s dying. After they inspect it, they will let you know what was found and the steps that you can take to heal it.

Rhys George

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