Average Cost of Tree Cutting in Massachusetts (Local Guide)

As a property owner in Massachusetts who is looking to hire a tree cutting service, you may be wondering how much it would cost you. However, coming up with exact figures is not a straightforward process as there are many factors that will have to be considered.

However, this is a short local guide to help you have a rough idea. For further information, please visit our website at treeservicescapecod.com.

Cost factors

When you call a tree cutting service for a quote, there are a number of factors they will have to consider to determine the cost of your project. For example, the price of tree cutting will vary based on how tall the tree is and how accessible the tree is. The cost can also be influenced by the type of tools needed to get the job done. The following are some of the things to know:

The cost of cutting your tree can be high if:

  • You’re cutting a tall tree. The price usually increases with the height of the tree.
  • The location of the tree is difficult to access
  • The tree is close to the power lines
  • Removing the tree will require a crane
  • It is an emergency service
  • The tree’s condition is fragile or poor

The tree cutting service may not cost you much if:

  • It’s a small tree
  • The tree’s location is easy to access.
  • A bucket truck or a crane is not needed for the job
  • The job is to be done in the off-season
  • The tree has already fallen and is not on a structure

The following shows the average cost of a tree cutting service based on the height of the tree:

  • Cutting a tree of 20ft costs between $260 and $480
  • Cutting a tree of 40ft costs between $520 and $960
  • Cutting a tree of 60ft costs between $780 and $1440
  • Cutting a tree of 80ft costs between $1040 and $1920

Multiple trees

The cost of tree cutting services in Massachusetts ranges from $370 to $1,660. However, projects can involve multiple trees can run into thousands. So also are projects that are more difficult or that will require more time to execute.

Final thoughts

The cost of tree service in Massachusetts will be influenced by many factors. So, the best way to get accurate figures is by engaging a reputable tree service. Check out the Home Advisor for a list of reputable tree services in Massachusetts.

Rhys George

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