Choosing a Patio Door That Elevates Your Home: A South Carolina Homeowner’s Guide

Gone are the days when beautiful steel or iron patio doors were features found only in the homes of wealthy South Carolina residents. Modern home design trends have made these entry doors popular features that are considered to be necessities rather than luxuries.

That said, choosing the right patio door can still be quite tricky. This is because you have so many door styles to choose from, from traditional French doors to modern sliding doors or bi-fold doors.

Is the thought of finding the perfect patio door for your home making you nervous? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. This guide will help you decide which patio door will suit your space the best.

Understand Your Space

Before you can decide upon a door style, you need to know exactly how much space you’ll be allotting to your patio entryway. This is why the first thing you need to do before you start browsing through patio door collections is try and understand your interior as well as exterior space.

Take a closer look at your floor plan. When you add a patio door to a particular room, how are you altering the room’s functionality? Will the entryway add as an obstruction in any way, making the room appear smaller? Or, is the room large enough to allow for a wider patio door? Moreover, how will the addition of a new patio door affect the furnishing or accessibility of the room in question?

These questions will help you determine which type of patio door to opt for based on the different door opening methods. For instance, for smaller or somewhat cramped spaces, a sliding patio door or a single swinging patio door will do the job. In case of the latter, you can also decide whether you want your patio door to swing inward or outward. Since swing doors typically require more indoor space, understanding your interior space is imperative before buying one for your home.

Determine the Size of Your Entrance

Knowing your available space will also help you determine the size of your entryway. When adding new patio doors, you have the option of altering your entrance if the space allows. For instance, you can utilize maximum wall space by replacing a major portion of a wall with a sleek new sliding patio door.

This will also solve the problem of bare walls, while helping you make the most of wall/entry space. By opting for a wall-length sliding door, you’ll also be adding a perception of an expanded space which is a great way to make a relatively smaller room appear larger.

Alternately, you can opt for a double iron swing door if you have the wall space to expand your entryway, instead of sticking to single swing doors. Again, this will help give your room an expanded look.

Plan for the Long Haul

Adding a stunning iron patio door to your home does more than bring you instant gratification. Yes, you’re beautifying your home with the new entry door, but that’s not all you’re doing. You’re also making a long-term investment that will (if thought through carefully) pay off big time in future.

With home buyers already interested in South Carolina homes with patios, adding the right kind of patio door can really enhance your property’s curb appeal. It can increase your home’s market value and help you sell it at a good price when the time comes. Many homeowners don’t really think of this aspect when getting a new patio door for their house. As a result, they often end up missing out on what could’ve been among the most desirable features of their home design when selling their property.

Here’s the thing, though. It doesn’t matter if you have no plans of selling your house at the moment. The point is to be prepared for it if the situation ever arises, and make an investment that will help you during that time. This is why so many South Carolina homeowners prefer getting steel sliding doors for their patio because of the contemporary look they offer. The structure of these patio doors really adds an enhanced aesthetic value to their homes, increasing the natural lighting as well as providing gorgeous views. The addition of these modern patio doors can help you make a great sale in the future.

Now that you know what to keep in mind when shopping for patio doors, it’s time to make the purchase. The team at Pinky’s Iron Doors can help with this. They provide a beautiful range of steel doors and wrought iron doors to homeowners in South Carolina. Their collection of exterior doors includes double iron patio doors, sliding doors, and French doors.

Get in touch with them today and buy the perfect patio door to elevate your home!

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