Cost Guide: How Much is a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck in Louisiana?

A stamped concrete pool deck in Louisiana is an excellent choice for any home! Stamped and stained concrete provides the look and texture of stone, brick, or other pavers. However, stamped concrete is often far cheaper than other materials, both to install and maintain!

With this in mind, you might be wondering how much is a stamped concrete pool deck for Louisiana properties. While prices vary by contractor, property size, and the like, consider some information about average costs. You can then discuss your options with a stamped concrete installer near you as needed.

This information is presented by our team who will install a stamped concrete pool deck in Baton Rouge for your home.

How Much Is a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck in Louisiana, On Average?

A stamped concrete pool deck in Louisiana typically costs between $12 and $20 per square foot, on average. Factors affecting that price include the terrain, concrete thickness, and even the stamping and stain you choose. Additionally, contractors might charge more for specialty treatments, such as anti-slip additives or sealing concrete after installation.

To give you an idea of this cost versus other materials, note that brick installation usually runs $20 to $35 per square foot. Outdoor tiles can also run up to$35 per square foot installed. Also, concrete is often less brittle than other materials, so you’re not likely to see the same maintenance costs over the years.

Additionally, note that concrete is made from easily harvested, abundant natural materials including sand, cement, and gravel. On the other hand, harvesting stone often includes blasting and other environmentally damaging practices. In turn, a stamped concrete pool deck in Louisiana is a very eco-friendly choice for property owners!

Is Stamped Concrete Slippery When Wet?

Stamped concrete, like many other materials, is often slippery when wet. This is a vital consideration for pool decks, where surrounding surfaces are bound to get wet regularly. However, this doesn’t mean that stamped concrete is a poor choice for pool decks.

One solution is to have a contractor add grit to the sealer, for added traction. Two, a contractor might apply a coat of color hardener to the concrete. This hardener keeps the surface less slippery, offering improved traction even when wet.

Also, a homeowner might choose a stamped pattern that offers added traction. For example, brick and flagstone are naturally bumpy. In turn, they’re less slick than smooth clay pavers. Above all, talk to your contractor about the best options for a safe stamped concrete pool deck in Louisiana.

Stamped Concrete Price vs. Brushed Concrete Price

Brushed concrete refers to a contractor running an outdoor broom over a concrete surface. This produces a slight texture to the concrete, although not as detailed as stamped concrete. Brushed concrete is typically about 40% less expensive than stamped concrete but isn’t necessarily the right choice for your home!

First, note that stamped concrete mimics high-end materials such as stone and brick. Second, consider that brushed concrete might look a bit industrial and dull! Also, some consumers report that brushed concrete tends to feel rough underfoot. When making your choice between stamped or brushed concrete, consider that you don’t want family or friends to feel uncomfortable around your home’s pool!

Is Stamped Concrete Good Around a Pool?

There are many reasons to choose a stamped concrete pool deck in Louisiana! Check out a few advantages offered by stamped concrete versus other materials and features:

  • One reason to choose stamped and stained concrete is that it looks stunning! Stamped concrete offers an upscale look that’s sure to enhance any deck area.
  • Another reason to choose stamped concrete is that it’s cheaper than other materials, as said. In turn, you can enjoy the appearance of high-end flagstone, brick, or similar materials around your pool without stretching your budget.
  • A contractor can often adjust stain colors to coordinate with your home’s exterior walls or other nearby surfaces. Consequently, you’ll enjoy a cohesive look outside your home when you choose stamped and stained concrete.
  • Also, since a contractor stamps and stains concrete during installation, he or she can create perfectly matching walkways, a driveway, or other surfaces! Your pool deck can then lead into a coordinating walkway, landscaping border, or another surface without clashing.
  • Concrete is very eco-friendly, as said. Not only does concrete come from abundant, easily harvested materials but it’s also easy to recycle concrete! In turn, your pool deck materials don’t need to end up in a landfill if you decide to replace them.

The Durability of a Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete along surfaces suffering lots of everyday wear and tear, such as along a pool deck, usually lasts around 25 years. After that time, the concrete might break down and crack so much that it’s time for a replacement.

However, how you maintain concrete affects its overall lifespan. For instance, consider regular concrete pressure washing. Power washing removes sand, silt, airborne chemical residues, lawn care chemicals, snow salt, and other corrosive, damaging materials. In turn, pressure washing can prolong concrete’s lifespan.

Also, ensure you schedule regular concrete sealing. A sealant provides an added layer of protection against weather, harsh sunlight, and foot traffic. Additionally, sealing keeps out weeds, dirt, and other debris. It also keeps your stained concrete colors bright and looking new! 

Does a Concrete Pool Deck Get Hot?

Any outdoor surface gets hot under harsh sunlight and during extremely warm weather. However, concrete typically holds less heat than pavers and brick. In turn, it’s often cooler under foot than other materials. Additionally, a homeowner might choose a lighter color stain for their stamped concrete, which helps keep the material cool.

Homeowners should also consider various methods for keeping their outdoor pool deck cool, no matter its material! For instance, you might invest in sunshades or sails, like boat sails. These stretch across outdoor spaces, offering shade. Oversized umbrellas and other features also keep exterior surfaces cool.

Also, consider spraying concrete surfaces with water, to keep them cool. Cooling concrete can also reduce the risk of cracking and breaking. In turn, your pool deck will offer added comfort underfoot and last longer before needing repairs!

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