Hiring an Exterminator Is the Ideal Solution for Tackling Annoying Bed Bug Trouble

Bedbug infestation can be a real pain. It causes emotional distress and when ignored for long, cost you a lot. Bedbugs’ epidemic is on the rise and learning about it helps us in preventing such infestation and handling it. Though it is tricky preventing them, knowing the right course of action in tackling it prevents unnecessary panic.

You may have questions like, ‘Why do I have bed bugs?’ Home infestation usually occurs right after a vacation. Bed bugs would have latched on to your clothes or luggage and in a day’s time there would likely be a huge bunch of them in your home. They can’t easily be destroyed. Reliable third-party services in Canada like Solution Cimex provide extermination rates. They provide eco-friendly and effective services at affordable rate.

How do bed bugs affect me?

  • Property damage: Some feel disgusted or disheartened by the infestation and throw away the affected furniture, mattresses and linen.
  • Emotional impact: People spend sleepless nights thinking about the blood-sucking pest. There are reports stating that many who went through bed bug infestations suffered anxiety, paranoid and depression adding up to the insomnia.
  • Health risks: Though bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, they pose health risk. Bed bug bites cause itchiness and excessive scratching results in a skin rash or even infection. Red bumps and blood blisters are also common.

Is there an effective DIY way to get rid of bed bugs?

There are some natural ways suggested on the internet such as rubbing essential oils or alcohol. Though some of them work to an extent, you’ll be required to apply the product directly on to the pest. Bed bugs are hard to locate and hide in nooks and corners. They are too small and many a times go unnoticed. A single mated female bed bug can cause havoc in a short span. The sprays available are ineffective until you are aware about all the hiding spots of bed bugs.

How does an exterminator prove useful?

Your best bet for getting rid of bed bugs is hiring an exterminator. They are trained individuals who know how to nip the bud from source. They use a combination of techniques to eliminate bed bugs which are at different stages of development. They are armed with the necessary equipment to eliminate the infestation.

When it comes to bed bugs, it is recommended to get the help of professional pest control services. They ensure complete eradication of bed bugs at your place.

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