How Do You Repair a Foundation Wall in Birmingham? (Complete Guide)

Fixing a foundation wall can seem quite complicated especially if it seems like the damage or cracking are endless. The good thing about a foundation crack is that it can be repaired by a professional foundation wall repair company in Birmingham. We’re going to go through some of the details on how a foundation wall is repaired and what options there are to repair it. If you’re looking to get foundation wall repair in Birmingham then keep on reading because we’re here to let you know the ins and outs of this repair. 

What Is A Foundation Wall?

You might be confused about what exactly a foundation wall is, so we have the answers for you. Your foundation wall isn’t always something that you can see unless you have a crawl space or even a basement. Foundation walls are the walls that rest on footers underneath your home. Your home relies on foundation walls to be the support system for it.

 Foundation walls are super important for the structure of your home because your home rests all its weight onto these walls which makes them essential to keep maintained. If there are structural damages to your foundation wall then this can cause many problems within the foundation of your home which can be more pricey and complex to repair. 

Repair Methods for a Foundation Wall

When it comes to repairing a foundation wall there are actually a lot of factors to consider because there are multiple different methods that you can choose from. These methods depend on the type of crack, location of the crack, how much damage there is, and also what caused the crack. When looking at all of these scenarios there are a few different repair method types that are commonly used. Let’s look into these. For more information, please visit us on our website at

Polyurethane Foam: This method is best used on cracks that are not caused by structural problems and that are considered hairline cracks, or cracks that are very thin. These cracks are usually not much cause for concern and they just need to be repaired in order to be visually appealing, prevent further cracking and also prevent possible water leaks. 

This method consists of putting polyurethane foam in the crack and allowing it to expand. This helps to seal in the crack completely which prevents water from leaking through and it will keep the crack from spreading more damage. Once that is done, the cosmetics of the repair can be done such as repainting the walls. 

Steel Push Piers: Steel push piers are a repair method needed for cracks that are caused by structural problems. These piers are driven down into the soil and use the structural weight and hydraulic pressure to get down into the soil. These piers are left underneath the foundation in order to support it. 

Helical Piers: Helical piers again are best used and needed for structural damage cracks. Helical piers are like the steel push piers but they’re actually screwed into the soil instead of pushed down. Helical piers are a great option for new construction buildings/homes or those that need a deep foundation system. 

Slab Piers: Slab piers are actually steel piers or helical piers that are installed with core drilling. This basically just defines the method used to install them and this is the only thing that makes them different from the previous two. 

Do I Need Foundation Wall Repair?

If you’ve noticed any cracking within your foundation walls or within your home at all then it might be an indicator that you need foundation wall repair. This isn’t always necessarily the case, but it’s best to get it checked by a professional. Contacting a company that does foundation wall repair in Birmingham will give you peace of mind when finding out if your foundation walls are cracked, or whether or not the damages are caused by structural damage. So if you suspect you may have problems with your foundation then we recommend contacting a professional to get it sorted out. 

What Happens If I Don’t Get Foundation Wall Repair?

If you’ve found out that you need foundation wall repair and you’re contemplating not getting it, we recommend that you do. Foundation walls are extremely important to the structural support of your home and not getting them repaired can be detrimental to your house. Foundation problems are inevitably going to get worse as it spreads or as settling continues to happen. So getting your foundation walls repaired as soon as you notice that it’s needed will help you to avoid more costly repairs in the future. 

We recommend that you always get your foundation walls repaired, especially because it can be dangerous if you don’t Never attempt to repair any sort of foundation wall that damages yourself even if you think it’s just a  crack that needs filling. This can be very dangerous and the results will not be quality work, plus this doesn’t actually repair your foundation. Contacting a foundation wall repair company in Birmingham will help you to determine the causes of your damage and also come up with a repair plan. 

The Bottom Line

Foundation walls are an extremely important part of your home’s structure. So getting foundation wall repair is very important if you notice any sort of damage. There are multiple different ways that a foundation wall can be repaired depending on how bad the damages are, what they are caused by, and where they are. Professionals can help to determine which method is best for your home and structural damage. 

Remember to always contact a company that does foundation wall repair if you’re suspicious of damages or if you’re noticed foundation wall damages. Professionals will repair your foundation wall with awesome quality work and with the correct repair method that will work for your home’s particular needs. You can set up an appointment for an inspection on your foundation walls if you’re not sure if you need a repair, but you want to be cautious. 

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