Importance of Foot rest under the desk foot stool

It is a powerful tool to improve your ergonomic alignment or poster and circulation during movement. Foot rests under desk foot stool align sign, reduce fatigue, and ease the discomfort of back, ankles, knees. Besides aligning circulation, a smaller foot rest makes a perfectly good chair poster easier and keeps the sitting positions in check.  Find more here:

  1. Foot rest under the footstool reduces pressure on the legs.

Foot rests are great for everyone. It helps boost circulation and blood flow that comes with foot rest by preventing blood clots related to deep thrombosis and varicose vein by relieving pressure on the lower back and decreasing swelling.

Foot rest under desk foot stool cuts down discomfort and circulation problems that crop up when sitting for long. The micro-movements of toes, feet, and ankles the blood pooling and encourages venous return. Blood flow increases, thus lowering the chances of leg pain or stiffness of the neck.

  1. Encourages active sitting

Chairs too high for the smaller user use, you crossed-legged instead of the feet on the floor. Studies show that users sitting crossed-legged for longer hours may cause shoulder inclination and poor body poster. It results in poor circulation of blood and a stiff neck to the user. Foot rest encourages rocking movement by allowing feet to be in motion and blood flowing. This is enhanced by the foot rest being curvy that provides sufficient space for the exercise of feet.

 It is also in a strategic position under the desk stool and comfortable for the feet. More studies reveal that the coax movement and active sitting encourage rocky activity that is helpful for blood circulation. Foot rest keeps body upright posture. Blood flow increases, thus lowering the chances of leg pain or stiffness of the neck.

  1. Footrest are comfortable

It is more comfortable than resting your feet on the floor or even trying to reach the floor while seating. It is purposely designed for the comfort of the feet other than the circulation benefits. It is indifferent, but it maintains the same functions. The various designs flex back and forth, allowing you to find one that matches the office décor.

  1. Foot rests greatly for shorter

It is mainly used to benefit the shorter profile with ergonomic seating without limiting their options. The benefit of this chair is to be seated with your feet flat on the floor, which is difficult for small profiles. Foot rest is important for the comfort of the shorter profile to keep their feet flat and evenly distributed weight. The footrest keeps the body in an upright position and prevents the feet from hanging uncomfortably. This blood flow and circulation increases.


The foot rest under the foot stool encourages movement of the feet and ankles while seated; the user is less likely to stay in a static posture. Static posture causes deep vein thrombosis. Workers are encouraged to have micro-movements to boost their blood circulation. For more information click: on this clink

Rhys George

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