Is a Professional Exterminator the Answer for Bed Bug Extermination?

Bed bugs can be annoying. While these pests are not known to pose serious medical threats, bed bugs are still annoying. You may have bite marks that can trigger allergies, and many people actually have a hard time sleeping with these bedbugs crawling over them or on the bed.

Homeowners often believe that vacuuming is the best solution for removing bed bugs, but that never works as a long-term treatment. You have to call one of your local bed bug exterminators for help. In this post, we are discussing further on why hiring a professional bed bug exterminator is a good idea.

Professional Extermination for the Long Term

There are varied kinds of treatments that pest control companies and exterminators use for removing bed bugs, and these procedures are far advanced than standard vacuuming.

For the longest time, heat treatment was considered to be the only effective solution, but many exterminators actually prefer the steam treatment. Heat treatment is insanely expensive, and considering the temperature used, it can actually damage your furniture, flooring, plastic items and other belongings in the room.

Steam treatment, on the other hand, is as effective but doesn’t have as many disadvantages. Also, when combined with insecticides as a follow-on treatment, this is much more effective. Yes, you can buy steam machines for your home use, but professional extermination is more like a long-term solution to the problem, and you can expect to get a warranty on the job.

What to Discuss With a Bed Bug Exterminator?

Companies that specialize in bed bug control in Suffolk will offer an estimate in advance, but in case you don’t get one, insist on it. Keep in mind that certain factors may influence the price you pay, including the number of rooms or areas being treatment, insecticides used, and overall procedure. Steam treatment is not as expensive as heat treatment, so it could be a better choice for many homeowners on a budget.

If you have pets and kids at home, you may want to discuss and make sure that the insecticides used by the exterminator is safe for everyone. Also, as we mentioned earlier, some exterminators may offer a warranty on their bed bug removal for a specific period, so ask about that in advance.

Think Beyond DIY

Just using a random spray or vacuuming the carpets and wasjing your linens will not get rid of bed bugs. Call one of your local bed bug exterminators to understand what’s the best treatment for your home.

Rhys George

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