Is Becoming a Carpenter in Horsham Hard?

The thing is, that carpentry is a broad, phrase and there are an unending number of things you need to know in order to execute the various aspects well. It’s one thing to be able to watch a video, to listen, and then to follow directions, to the letter. Actually, being the guys who know pretty much everything that there is to know about carpentry is another matter entirely.

An ancient craft

Carpentry must be one of, it not the oldest trade going so it makes sense that it’s not something that a person can simply learn by watching a video, or two, there are many skills, that take time to master. It’s one of the many reasons why trade unions have apprentice programs, to encourage people to take the time to study whilst on the job, perhaps even starting their own joinery services in Horsham firm.

Even if you start out as an engineer with a four-year degree and are partnered with an experienced engineer to learn the hands-on fundamentals of your field/job/workplace. You’d be one in a million if your company just let you get started the day after you received your diploma. Not only that, but not everyone is cut out for the physical demands of a carpenter’s job.


Near enough anyone can buy a chisel, some 2×4 and some varnish, then claim to be a ‘chippy’, to become an expert in what you do, could take anywhere between 5-10 years. That’s time spent studying the theory and a lot of hands-on time learning from those that have gone before you. Even the best of carpenters doesn’t know everything, and perhaps, never will, it all takes time.

Rhys George

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