Reasons to Upgrade to a Frameless Glass Shower

If you’re thinking about redesigning your bathroom, you will notice that all desirable bathrooms today have frameless glass showers. From the traditional tub and curtain configuration, bathrooms are now a walk-in surrounded-by-glass haven which is not only appealing but functional. If you’re wondering how this is an upgrade to your ever-reliable traditional bathroom setup, read on.


Most frameless glass showers range from 700 mm to less than 2,000 mm, making it perfect for both small and large bathrooms. Not only is it flexible in size, but it also comes in various shapes that can suit any kind of corner. The shower tray comes in a D shape, square shape, and rectangular shape, with shower doors that make the experience more fascinating. If you’re tight on space, you can opt for doors that open inwards, that fold, or slide. All this flexibility and variety while keeping a sleek and modern design is what every desirable bathroom is made of.

Larger appearance

With minimal hinges and zero frames, frameless shower enclosures allow the natural flow of light giving a light visual impression that looks larger than it really is. The glass that encloses the shower does not curb its surroundings, giving you a see-through and fuller view of the room. If you have a smaller bathroom, this type of enclosed showers can widen the room. If you have a spacious bathroom, this type of shower will simply elevate its illustrious look.

Easier to clean

Since frameless glass doors have no seals around them, there’s significantly less space for water and soap to gather and build up. Traditional showers which are made of porous materials that are conducive to germ and bacterial growth and reproduction. Bacteria thrive in moist and humid areas. Though there are harmless bacteria, harmful ones can be a source of illness. Germs, though non-pathogenic, can be gross to look at which can affect your bathing experience. Though frameless shower enclosures are less of a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, cleaning regularly is vital. If you hate difficult to clean nooks and corners, you will love the simplicity of glass-enclosed showers. You can use simple cleaning materials and squeegee the remove excess water for the tidiest results. Don’t forget to leave the door open for proper ventilation.

Ease of access

Compared to most baths, frameless glass showers are safer to get into, not to mention easier to get out of. This is especially the case for family members with accessibility needs, or healing from an injury, or adjusting to advanced age.

Smart purchase

Frameless shower enclosures are aesthetic, convenient, and functional. With the regular use of showers, the benefits will outweigh the cost in a short time. Should you sell your home in the future, a gorgeous and trendy bathroom is likely to gain the attention of motivated buyers.

Frameless glass showers are trendy for a reason. They look great, function well, and feel nice to have. The practical and emotional experience derived from owning a gorgeous shower enclosure will feel worth every penny.


Rhys George

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