Reasons Why Children Should Play Outdoors

Time and time again, research findings indicate that playing outdoors can be advantageous for both adults and children. An increasing number of people are now seeing the outdoor world in a whole new light, as a big playground, as they realise the importance of playing in such surroundings thanks to the growing list of benefits.

Playing outdoors influences how your children turn out, as it affects their growth and education, regardless of whether they do it at an independent preparatory educational institution or at home. As such, making time for them to experience what the great outdoors has to offer is important. When it comes to playing outdoors, here are some of the positive effects you can expect your kids to benefit from.

Outdoor Play Fosters Curiosity and Creativity

Kids can draw inspiration from just about anything; they are also wowed by the tiniest of things. To inspire the young minds of the next generation and build their creativity, the outdoors has so much to offer, whether it involves playing with leaves during autumn or building anything and everything in the sand during summer. In pursuit of their inspiration, kids have the freedom to explore whatever they set their minds to thanks to the open and boundless nature of the outdoors.

Making Them More Sociable

Through socialisation, kids are able to familiarise themselves with different encounters, and with these, different problems/challenges; such factors contribute immensely to the development of these young ones, especially with respect to their character. A child’s social skills can be improved significantly away from their adult supervisors as they learn how to look for each other, play safely and take turns with each other when playing outdoors for instance. Kids also get the opportunity to encounter new situations and meet new friends when playing at the local playground or at the beach.

Changing Their General Outlook on Life

As their natural curiosity takes over, helping them forget all about any fears or reservations they might have, boundless outdoor spaces offer these young ones a new found level of self belief. Kids can learn in amazement more about the exciting world that surrounds them as they open their eyes to the grand scheme of things, when engaging in simple activities such as the exploration of boundless spaces and seasonal changes, whether on a day trip in Hampshire or a visit to the seaside.

Boosting Physical/Muscular Development

Playing outside also promotes the physical development of young children in addition to boosting their mental development. Their muscles are strengthened when they engage in a variety of outdoor activities, such as taking part in obstacle courses, running and climbing frames among others. On top of enhancing their fitness levels, this also improves their capacity to adapt to various circumstances. Fortunately, encouraging kids to spend time outdoors, engaging in various activities or simply playing, is an easy task for teachers and parents. It also helps decrease the likelihood of developing obesity.

Not only does a short half hour walk give kids the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, it strengthens their bodies and boosts their physical endurance levels as well.

Enhancing Motor Skills

Outdoor play helps kids improve their motor skills as they have a wide selection of objects to play with. Their motor skills get a boost, in some way, from every outdoor activity they engage in, including climbing trees or building things in the sand. To develop these skills, it is essential for kids to encounter various experiences and objects in the first 5 years of their growth.

Creating a More Joyous Existence

Spending time outdoors makes us happy, according to scientific evidence. Our mood improves as a result of the stimulation of the joy inducing hormones in the brain by the natural outdoor magnificence, vitamin D enriching sunshine and refreshing air. Kids are also able to be happier for longer, and even enjoy better sleep, as playing outdoors gives them the opportunity to release any pent up energy and negativity in a beneficial way through playing and running freely.

Rhys George

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