Should You Get Tree Care or Tree Removal?

Tree care professionals would normally not opt for tree removal except it is absolutely necessary. Despite your hard work in keeping your trees healthy and happy, there are some situations that will leave you with no other option than to have your tree removed. The ultimate purpose of tree removal is to protect you, your loved ones, your home, and your neighbors from potential hazards.

While it can be confusing to know for sure if your tree needs just some pruning or to have it removed, consulting a professional arborist to inspect the tree will help you make informed decisions on which route to go. Take a look at this useful information, and then visit for further details.

Tree Care

Unless your tree has serious problems, dying, or dead, all that will usually be needed to fix minor issues is proper tree care. A professional arborist can remove the limbs threatening property structure, cut off dying or dead branches, and also restore the tree to its natural shape.

The best time to prune a tree is when it is largely dormant, which is usually during winter or late autumn. At this time, sap flow will be at the lowest. Also, in the winter months, the probability of insect infestation is very low.

With great tree care and maintenance, the look of your trees can be improved, and significantly boost their growth and health. When done correctly, pruning or trimming can help a tree grow stronger because it can be directed to desired branches. Also, when dying or dead branches are cut away, it further helps the tree to experience healthy growth in other limbs.

Tree Removal

​There are many factors that can make tree removal unavoidable. The following are some questions to answer to know if your tree should be removed:

Where is the Tree Planted?

When determining whether a tree should be removed or not, the location should be considered. If the presence of a tree obstructs a new construction, the tree should be removed. If left unremoved in these areas, the trees will eventually die within five years after construction as a result of soil compaction and grade change.

Is the Tree Healthy?

The general rule is that if the damage to a tree is up to 50%, it should be removed as soon as possible. While a tree that is damaged can still live for some years, it will not be able to grow and look as good as trees that are healthy.

Is the Tree Infested with Fungus?

When this happens, the service of a certified arborist should be sought for proper evaluation because it can sometimes be tricky. While not every fungi growth at the base of a tree is an indication of root disease, it could be a sign that there is an internal decay happening to the tree.

Are All Dead Branches on One Side of the Tree?

A tree loses its balance when all the branches on one side of it are dead. When this happens, the tree becomes a potential threat to your safety and property. When the branches on one side of a tree are dead, it could be an indication that it has a root injury or trunk damage on that side of the tree. You will need the assistance of a certified arborist to do a proper evaluation of the situation.

Is the Tree Leaning?

Trees that have grown too tall can be dangerous, but not as hazardous as trees that are leaning. A leaning tree is an indication that there are problems in the root such as weakening or breakage. Such a tree should be removed immediately to prevent it from causing accidents in the future. As a rule of thumb, if the tree leaning is over 15% of what is considered safe, then it should be removed.

Is the Root Damaged?

The roots of a tree are integral for its structural stability; if 50% of the root system is damaged, it should be removed right away.

Is the Tree Located Near Power Lines?

Tree removal can also be necessitated if it is located under a power line. A tree growing close to an electric line should be thinned out and maintained regularly to prevent it from growing taller than 25 feet. The limbs and branches of such a tree must be trimmed on a regular basis to prevent sudden power outages or property damage. However, because of the danger and the threat to life involved, the care or removal of a tree near a power line should never be done by an average homeowner; a professional arborist has the skill and experience to deal with such trees.

Is the Tree Hollow?

With the help of xylem and phloem, a tree with a hollow trunk can get life support and is then able to still survive for years. However, the structural stability of a tree that has a hollow trunk has been compromised, which makes it a threat to every individual and property near it. If a third of the circumference of the trunk is hollow, the tree should be removed.

Hiring a Professional Arborist

Tree removal is a dangerous task, and that is why you need a professional arborist to properly and safely get the job done. During 1992–2007, a total of 1,285 worker deaths associated with tree care in the United States were reported to CFOI, an average of 80 deaths per year.

Professional arborists are tree care experts who have gone through proper training, many examinations, and they have the practical knowledge on how to take care or remove a tree. So, should you decide to remove a tree, there is no better person to consult than a professional arborist.

When assessing your tree before removal, a qualified arborist will consider the following:

  1. How high is the tree?
  2. Are there obstacles such as your home, a neighbor’s house, garage, or power lines nearby?
  3. What direction will the tree fall?
  4. What unexpected issues could arise when the tree is being removed. For example, rotting limbs that can fall.
  5. What appropriate equipment is needed to get the job done efficiently? These could include cranes, wedges, chainsaws, and the means to haul the tree away after being downed.

When you hire a professional arborist, you’re paying for expertise, skill, speed, and most importantly, your safety. You don’t want to risk your life and lime by attempting tree removal on your own.


Tree care and removal are serious undertakings. You should never ignore the importance of a professional arborist because they have the expertise, equipment, and insurance to do the job safely.

Rhys George

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