The Benefits of Playing Outdoors For Children

Time and time research shows the benefits that children (as well as adults) can experience by spending time playing outside. As the benefits list continues to expand, more people are coming to realise how important play in this type of environment is, and seeing the amazing world we are living in as a gigantic playground for kids to play in. Some high ropes courses practically are a playground, so why not let your kids enjoy it?

Whether your children spend their time outdoors while they attending an independent preparatory school or at home; it is an essential aspect of their growth, their education, and shaping them into the people they are. Therefore, it is critical to make time for your children to explore. The following are only a couple of benefits that children may experience when they are playing outdoors:

Encourages Curiosity and Creativity

Even the smallest things amaze children and they can be inspired by practically anything. Being outside helps to promote creativity, whether by playing in the sand during the summertime, or tossing leaves up into the air during the autumn, there is plenty to offer for spurring on the next generation’s creative minds. The lack of constraints and open spaces means children have the freedom to explore using their minds as much as they want to, and following wherever their creativity and curiosity leads them to.

Improves Their Social Skills

One of the most essential elements of a child’s development is social skills, especially their personality. Also, socialising in various environments can help them learn more about various situations where there might be challenges. For example, looking out for each other outdoors, or learning how to play safely or taking turns on the slide can help to develop the social skills of a child without direct adult supervision. Opportunities for meeting new people at a local park or the beach also can provide children the opportunity to explore new experiences and make new friends.

Provides a New Perspective

The wide open spaces that are waiting for children outdoors can often provide kids with a new shot of confidence as their curiosity overtakes them and the forget all about being afraid. Activities such as exploring massive open spaces and watching the changing seasons can help children see the big picture and learn more about the world surrounding them.

Strengthens Muscles

Playing outside is not only good for the cognitive development of a child, but it is beneficial for their bodies’ development also. Spending time running, climbing on frames, and challenging their bodies out on an obstacle course can help make their muscles stronger. That helps to improve their ability to be able to adapt to various situations and helps to increase their fitness levels as well. Encouraging children to be active outside is easier for both teachers and parents, especially with activities and games. This helps to reduce the risk of obesity.

Something simple like going on a half an hour walk can help to strengthen their muscles, improve their stamina, and give them the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and nature.

Refine Motor Skills

When children play outdoors it provides them with a wide range of different objects to play with, which helps them to develop their gross and fine motor skills. From climbing up trees to building towers in the sand, all activities that are available to them can help with developing their motor skills. During a child’s first five years of development, it is critically important for them to have numerous opportunities for engaging with experiences and objects to develop their skills.

Increased Happiness Levels

Science has proven that the great outdoors makes people happy. The surrounding natural beauty, vitamin D coming from the sunshine, and high-quality air all help to stimulate those happy hormones inside of our brains and works to improve our mood as well. Children can also release whatever built-up frustrations and energy they have in a positive way by freely running around and playing, which means they will also sleep better during the night, and over the long-term retain their happy moods.

Rhys George

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