The Power of Custom Shipping Boxes

Ever thought of packaging as an asset? When the box is empty and collecting dust in your warehouse, it’s just a box. But once you pack items in it for shipping, it becomes a strategic asset. That’s right. The shipping box that safeguards your products transforms into the product. Well, part of it anyway. Consequently, its presentation matters and this leads to the use of custom shipping boxes.

Before diving into custom shipping boxes, let us look at two instances. One customer arrives to find a plain packaged box at their door step and another is met with a creatively designed and printed box. For the first customer, there will be a series of questions. To them the package is anonymous until they read the receipt. It could be anything. But for the second one, the moment they see the logo or the brands image on the box, it comes to mind that the awaited item is finally here.

You will want to have an impact close to that of the second customer. This is because, the moment a customer sees a branded box at their door step, their excitements begin to rise.  They are eager to open the package and start using your product. This is the kind of appreciation that builds customer loyalty.

In addition, we are at an age where people take literally everything to their social media accounts. Therefore, unboxing of a custom shipping box will be an added advantage. It will help promote your brand.  Anybody who sees and likes the unboxing videos on social media, will want to experience the same. Consequently, they will turn to your brand the next time they want something delivered.

Custom shipping boxes by Refine Packaging are perfectly sized and this is a good thing especially to the customer.  Since the shipping fees accrue based on different factors including dimensional weight, a perfect fitting box saves the customer some cash.  Otherwise, if the box is full of air and void fill, your brand could be the face of some serious packaging fails criticism. Such negative limelight hurts your business.

Another good thing about custom shipping boxes is that they are designed for specific products. If your item needs an air tight environment, or your box needs partitions to firmly hold your product, custom boxes are designed for that purpose. This increases the protection and durability of the products.

Finally as we conclude, custom boxes help save money and time. This is by ordering a box based on the number of items you want to ship at a go.

If you want such an ideal box, we can design it for you. Considering all the above and many more, we create a custom shipping box with the right dimensions, prints and material.

Rhys George

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