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Using picture rails will be a fantastic idea which will be a time saver when you think of hanging frames. However, instead of being used for their intended purpose of hanging frames from them, the rails have evolved into more attractive elements in house décor throughout time. Mirrors can also be hung from them. If your older house has a picture rail already installed, you might as well use it.

Usually, periods homes have rails which are placed just an inch lower than the ceiling. Additionally, the picture rail might be positioned directly below the decorative coving and be a near match to it. If your house does not have any picture railing, then you need to learn how to hang pictures from a picture rail which you will learn from here!

Things You Need to Hang Your Frame

Two D rings

You undoubtedly require two. If you attempt it with only one hook, the frame will simply hang in midair. It will shift out of place with the smallest wind. Your frame can hang evenly if two D-rings are attached to either side.

Picture Hook To Hang Picture

Brass hooks are strong and frequently come in artistic designs. However, you may also put some additional ornamentation over the hook in addition to using your imagination when choosing your hanging materials.

One Piece of Hanging Material

The picture rail system’s hanging material is the component with which you can add decoration. Your display options are not restricted only because you may be forced to let your frames hang down rather than firmly putting them in place at any point along the wall. With your hanging supplies, you have a lot of creative potential.

Simple Way to Hang Frame

  1. About a third of the way along either side of the picture frame’s rear, attach the D rings.
  2. Through the hooks, thread picture wire or another hanging material.
  3. The picture rail with your hook.
  4. From the hook, hang your frame. The hanging material will be formed into a triangle using this technique, and that is the section you may decorate (although it depends on the weight, so make careful not to use anything too thin to sustain the weight of the frame).

Other Material You Require to Hang Pictures

Brass or Silver Chain

These are available in a wide range of lengths and thicknesses. They’re safer for heavier objects, and if you do some research, you might be able to find chains and hooks that match.

Leather Straps

You can get leather in a variety of colours and densities, and it is a durable material. However, thicker leather doesn’t necessarily mean it can support large objects. Keep in mind that leather is a material and will fray. It’s something you might want to think about employing for lighter goods. Leather often complements wooden picture frames.

Decorative Rope

The rope is a reliable substitute for picture-hanging wire if you need one. Picture frames can be hung using nylon rope since it is the sort of rope that was used on antique pulley systems and because it is the best at supporting loads. Only polypropylene rope needs to be handled carefully. Because you may get it in a variety of colors, you can match the color to your décor, which will appeal to certain people.


If you want to learn how to hang pictures from a picture rail then the above-mentioned tips can help you. You can use these decorative things which will be simple and cheap but will make your house look so much better and beautiful with the pictures.

Rhys George

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