Ways of protection for your workplace

COVID-19 pandemic changed many things in our lives. Among them, one of the biggest changes is compliance with the sanitary regime. However, it can’t affect your business, so it’s a good thing, that you are looking for ways to protect yourself, your employees and customers during this hard time. What can you do to make everyone safe?

  1. Clean everything up

Keeping all the surfaces tidy and disinfected is crucial to keep everyone safe. Thus, it’s highly advised to disinfect desks, handles, tables and other common areas that may be touched by a larger number of employees – on a daily basis. Make sure that the person responsible for cleaning up the office uses safe and effective disinfectants, which will make the common surfaces safer for everyone.

  1. Disinfect your hands

In order to keep a safe workplace, you should also take into consideration the need to disinfect hands. As we can carry viruses and other pathogens on our hands, everyone should stick to the protocol, according to which every employee should disinfect hands when moving to another location. In order to make that possible, get a stand with automatic dispenser for disinfectant and make sure it’s always filled. Attention: use a safe for skin product, as products with a high alcohol-based content without moisturizers can dry out the skin of your hands.

  1. Keep the distance

Plan your work space efficiently and make sure everyone has enough space to stay at lest 2 meters away from other workers. Also, when it’s possible, air the rooms and try to make it regularly. It’s imporant to protect you and all the people that surround you. Of course, when the day is really cold, make the airing quick: we don’t want you to get ill.

One of the best ways to keep the distance is placing the desks in appropriate distance. In order to do that, you can use one of the office supplies – colored adhesive tape and mark the floor with it. This way, your employees will know, they shouldn’t cross the line with their chairs etc.

  1. Use personal protective equipment

Many countries in Europe and around the world, make wearing protective masks obligatory. It’s important to buy a good quality mask, one that will protect you and the others, but at the same time – won’t make breathing hard. Check out the one that is available in Staples at https://www.staples.no/p/munnbind-tekstil-m-karbonfilter-sort/211632, as it’s one of the masks that are worth recommending. It’s made of material, that can be washed and is comfortable to wear.

Rhys George

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