Ways to Organise Your Clothes Without Losing Anything

You might have a hard time organising your wardrobe because you own a lot. The most common advice on arranging clothes in a closet is to let go of your old clothes. If it’s difficult for you to do, these tips could help you. There are other ways to fix your problem without necessarily throwing away the clothes you still want to keep.

Move things around

Perhaps, the best option is to move your clothes around. When you organise them better, all of them might fit in. Your folding style also matters. You can fold them to become smaller and allow extra space to fit everything.

Purchase a separate rack for your shoes

Your closet might also include your shoes and accessories. If you own several pairs of shoes, there won’t be enough space for everything. The best option is to purchase a separate rack where you can keep your shoes. You can also store them in boxes and hide them in other areas in the bedroom.

Add a space for hanging

You can hang your clothes instead of folding them. You can fit more clothes within a small closet if you decide to hang them. You need to invest in more hangers. Find different styles to hold scarves, pants, ties, and other accessories.

Look for a separate storage box

Identify the clothes that you regularly wear, and the ones you don’t feel like using right now. You can buy a storage box where you can keep some of the clothes that you’re not frequently using. If you decide that you will change your style, you can open that storage container and take the clothes out. You can also reshuffle the content of your closet regularly, depending on your preference.

Choose built-in wardrobes

If your current closet is too small, and you already own a lot of clothes, it might be time to replace the closet. Choose built in wardrobes since you can design them in any way you want. You can select the number of panels, drawers, and sizes depending on your needs. You can also determine the perfect area in your bedroom for the built-in closet. Start by conducting an inventory of everything you own. Once you have an idea about the space you need, it’s time to design the customised closet.

You don’t need to immediately decide to throw some of your clothes away if you wish to organise the closet. Take your time to look for creative means to arrange your wardrobe. The problem when you throw your clothes away is that you might regret it later. You will realise that you still like some of them, but you can no longer take them back. However, it would help if you also learned a lesson not to be an impulsive buyer. You have too many clothes because you don’t think first before you purchase them. You won’t have a hard time arranging your clothes if you only buy what you need.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/T5jXjei49uY

Rhys George

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