Why Choose A Service Apartment Over A Hotel?

Whenever you are travelling for business or for pleasure, you are going to need somewhere to sleep, eat, and plan your daily activities. Many people are choosing serviced apartments versus hotels for many different reasons. Whether they are travelling alone or in a group, the serviced apartments Newbury are offering much more that will benefit the traveller.

The Issue of Money

Serviced apartments are less expensive than hotels. When you are in need of a place to stay, Serviced apartments offer a lot more than the hotels do for a lower price. If you are on a budget or have a family with you while you are travelling, the serviced apartments are much more cost-effective than the hotels, especially for longer periods.
Space Is Larger In Serviced Apartments

In serviced apartments, you will have the use of several rooms, not just one like in hotels. You will have a room for sleeping, a separate kitchen for cooking and eating, bathroom, and a room for completing work or other daily activities that you must attend to. All of the rooms in serviced apartments come with fantastic amenities included in the price.

Local Help When You Need It

The concierge at serviced hotels is a person that is very knowledgeable. They will assist you in all kinds of ways because they are from the area and they know all kinds of great places for you to see and things for you to enjoy during your stay. You will be able to get the services that you need. Since you are a traveller, you will need their guidance so that you can take advantage of as many things as possible and they are there to assist you. They will go out of their way to assist you, whereas, hotels may just have brochures and pamphlets to offer without any personal knowledge of what they mean. In a serviced apartment, you will get the personal touch that you desire for your travels.

Choices for Food Are the Best in Serviced Apartments

In hotels, you may have limited access to food choices. Often, their restaurants and bars are very pricey and only open at certain times. With serviced hotels, you will have your pick of all different kinds of food and you can get them at various times when you need it. Since the serviced apartments come with kitchens that are fully equipped, you can make your own foods at any time that you want. You can also hire a cook if you so choose.

In Serviced Apartments, Housekeeping Is Awesome

In serviced apartments, you will be able to pick the time of the day that you wish to have your housekeeping attending. They go around your schedule whereas a hotel picks a time that they do their housekeeping and they stick to it. In serviced apartments,, you will also be able to ask for specifics if you have any that you require during your stay.

Your Safety and Protection Is Ideal In Serviced Apartments

When you stay in a serviced hotel, you are the one that lets people into your private space. Your privacy and safety are always that serviced apartments do not take lightly. To get into a serviced apartment building, a person will need to have access and go through a secured entrance with security guards. In this way, you are always protected from people just entering the building at whim. Since you are always in control of who enters your door, you have the privacy that you want.

Serviced apartments are the way to go when you are travelling and you need a place to stay, especially for extended periods. You will find that your stay will be much exceptional in a serviced apartment versus a hotel. You will receive the personal touches in a serviced hotel that a hotel cannot do for you for a variety of reasons and in the end, you will be better off in so many ways.

Rhys George

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