How to Know your House Has Mold

If your house has mold, there are more things you will worry about than the odor. Aside from causing an unpleasant odor, mold can damage the integrity of your home’s structure and cause ill health effects. When mold develops, it can cause different illnesses that impact the eyes, skin, heart, lungs, and more. You will know there is mold when you notice a musty smell. But, there are other signs your mold has started to grow mold in various areas. As a homeowner, you will want to know how to get rid of mold if you find it in your house:

How to Spot the Signs

If you are worried about the possibility of mold growth in your home, below are the most obvious signs to look out for:

  • Black spores that spread on surfaces.
  • You frequently experience cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • There is a musty-damp odor.
  • You can see uneven patches on floors or walls.

When mold is growing and spreading, it releases compound with a distinct, unpleasant odor. You can compare the odor to damp rotting wood, wet paper, or damp clothes that have been sitting around too long.

Where Do Molds Hide?

Mold flourishes in areas of your house where there is oxygen, moisture, darkness, and warmth. Below are the most common places mold can hide in your house:

  • Kitchen. Kitchen appliances that use or produce moisture like the fridge, freezer, and dispense can develop mold, so check behind them regularly. Also, mold can creep up walls that are soaking up damp from the outside elements.

  • Bathroom. This space is a breeding ground for mold. Although it is easy to spot black mold creeping across white tiles, you can also miss many places. Make sure to check behind the toilet around the waste pipe, under your bath, under the flooring, and around sink taps/pipes behind the basin.
  • Attic and vent. You will usually not know if mold has grown in the attic since it is the area you will not frequently visit. It takes just a leaky roof to fuel the mold spores and you will be dealing with serious issues. Check any heating vents and air conditioning units. Constant airflow combined with moisture is an ingredient for mold growth.

If you have found mold in your house, you must act right away to get rid of it. Mold is quite hazardous to everyone’s health. To get rid of mold, clean up and treat the affected area. Then, fix the problem that caused the fungus to grow in the first place.

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